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The Nutcase

The other day when I was buying groceries, I was called a “nutcase”. Not because I spent 4 euros on hummus which can easily be made for less than 50 cent (that’s what I call nuts!) but because of my “cart dilemma”. I can’t use shopping carts that people left coupons or candy wrappers in. I just can’t. It’s not okay to leave garbage behind, it’s not sanitary, and it violates my rules, so I just cannot use carts with garbage inside. It makes me mad, and sad, and confused. How can people leave shared things like this?  Continue reading “The Nutcase”

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Asperger’s & Conversations

Being an Aspie, conversations sometimes can be pretty tough. Especially while being in a public area. I will try to illustrate what it feels like for me:

Let’s imagine the following situation. I just left the campus and I am on my way home. For whatever reason I decided to take the bus and I am currently waiting for it at the bus stop. I try to concentrate on myself as it is very noisy. A lot of other students decided to take the bus. The bus stop is very crowded. A fellow student sees me, comes up to me and starts a conversation:

Fellow student: “Bllblblbllblblll  klklklkl aiaiai ememem.”

Me: “Excuse me?” Continue reading “Asperger’s & Conversations”

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Autism is *not* “bad parenting”

Great article from the lovely Laina, please read it (and the rest of her blog of course)!

the silent wave

I’m an autistic adult.  I was also a generally well-behaved child.  My mum had a near-endless supply of patience, and she had a few extra tools up her sleeve, coupled with an understanding–and total acceptance–that I was “different” from other kids, even if we had no clue how or why, back in a time when these concepts and attitudes were unheard of.  My mum was truly ahead of her time, and for that, I’m eternally fortunate and grateful.

Life is not black and white, however.  It’s not all roses, nor is it all raindrops.  It just doesn’t work that way. 🙂

There were times when, despite her soothing voice and gentle distraction strategies, I simply acted up.  She was astute enough to notice that I primarily acted up during Times of Trigger, such as twisted sock seams or an outburst coming from the unseen child in the next grocery store…

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My autism journal

During the semester life can get pretty busy and stressful. A lot of lectures with different audiences, a lot of student meetings for presentations, meetings with profs, campus sports, and of course crowded public transportation. And then there are friends and family who also want to talk to me and spend time with me. In the evenings I often feel exhausted, and more than often I really feel close to OVERLOAD. When I was younger, I wasn’t able to feel overloads coming beforehand. I couldn’t protect myself from the outside world as well as today. What really helped me was keeping track of my days: What stressed me today? What went wrong day? What should I have avoided? What helped me dealing with stress? Continue reading “My autism journal”

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I am worried.

I am worried. Constantly. Mostly about my parents and my sister. I have always been worried about them. When I was little, I was afraid of getting separated from them, I screamed bloody murder when for example the elevator door was slowly closing and my  mom or dad was still in the hallway. I was scared to lose them and never see them again. When I grew older, the worrying never stopped. Until today, I worry that my mom and dad might die, that my sister might have an accident. If they drive to work, I worry about them being involved in a car crash. When my dad works in the garden, let’s say with a chainsaw, I worry about him getting hurt or killed. It’s insanely exhausting.  Continue reading “I am worried.”

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Autism & Friendship

“Your son will never have friends.” That’s what the doctors told my parents.  Repeatedly. Yes, I prefer spending time on my own. Yes, I am socially awkward. And yes, being surrounded by a lot of people at a time stresses me out. But does that mean I can’t have any friends, or that I am not interested in having or making friends? No! Of course not.

Friendship is very dear and special to me. And I am talking about real friendship here, not acquaintanceship. That is in fact something I am very bad at. Continue reading “Autism & Friendship”

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How I stim

If you are not familiar with stimming: It’s a way (mostly) autistic people calm themselves down in different situations. The word stands short for “self-stimulatory behavior”. I do it when I am in stressful situations such as being on a bus, sitting in a crowded lecture hall, or shopping at a mall. But I also do it when I am at home, even if I am not stressed out, just because it’s a nice and calming feeling. There are different ways to stim. Some people like to chew on stuff, some stim via different motions of their body (you have surely heard of autistic people rocking back and forth), some enjoy touching different textures, some love colors – there’s a lot of ways to stim.  Continue reading “How I stim”