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Autism & Friendship

“Your son will never have friends.” That’s what the doctors told my parents.  Repeatedly. Yes, I prefer spending time on my own. Yes, I am socially awkward. And yes, being surrounded by a lot of people at a time stresses me out. But does that mean I can’t have any friends, or that I am not interested in having or making friends? No! Of course not.

Friendship is very dear and special to me. And I am talking about real friendship here, not acquaintanceship. That is in fact something I am very bad at. Continue reading “Autism & Friendship”

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How I stim

If you are not familiar with stimming: It’s a way (mostly) autistic people calm themselves down in different situations. The word stands short for “self-stimulatory behavior”. I do it when I am in stressful situations such as being on a bus, sitting in a crowded lecture hall, or shopping at a mall. But I also do it when I am at home, even if I am not stressed out, just because it’s a nice and calming feeling. There are different ways to stim. Some people like to chew on stuff, some stim via different motions of their body (you have surely heard of autistic people rocking back and forth), some enjoy touching different textures, some love colors – there’s a lot of ways to stim.  Continue reading “How I stim”

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OCD: Let’s triple-check!

What does OCD mean? OCD is a short term for obsessive-compulsing disorder. It basically means that people with OCD feel the desperate urge to check certain things again and again or an individual number of times. I will give you an example from my life:

When I leave a room and I need to switch off the light, I don’t just switch it off and leave. I need to make sure that the light is really switched off. Continue reading “OCD: Let’s triple-check!”