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The Nutcase

The other day when I was buying groceries, I was called a “nutcase”. Not because I spent 4 euros on hummus which can easily be made for less than 50 cent (that’s what I call nuts!) but because of my “cart dilemma”. I can’t use shopping carts that people left coupons or candy wrappers in. I just can’t. It’s not okay to leave garbage behind, it’s not sanitary, and it violates my rules, so I just cannot use carts with garbage inside. It makes me mad, and sad, and confused. How can people leave shared things like this? 

Anyway, I went to get a cart, and the first one I got had some leftover coupons inside. I only realized it when I had pulled the cart towards me. When I tried to push it back and get another cart from the lined up carts to my right, I got in the way of a guy who was just about to get his shopping cart. I explained to him that I needed to get another cart, and he let me pull out another one, while he moved to another line of carts on the very right. The second cart I got was filled with three candy wrappers, and even though I know it’s only candy wrappers and not used syringes or ebola-contaminated bandages, I could not use this second cart either. So I pushed it back, and tried to get another cart, while three other people were busy getting theirs. It was kinda chaotic, because I blocked their way with my cart, and everyone got irritated. I explained to them, that I can’t use a cart with garbage inside. That’s when a guy called me a “nutcase”.

It hurt. These are the moments I wished I was “normal”. I felt so stupid. Wasn’t a good day.



24yo autistic university student.

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