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Asperger’s & Conversations

Being an Aspie, conversations sometimes can be pretty tough. Especially while being in a public area. I will try to illustrate what it feels like for me:

Let’s imagine the following situation. I just left the campus and I am on my way home. For whatever reason I decided to take the bus and I am currently waiting for it at the bus stop. I try to concentrate on myself as it is very noisy. A lot of other students decided to take the bus. The bus stop is very crowded. A fellow student sees me, comes up to me and starts a conversation:

Fellow student: “Bllblblbllblblll  klklklkl aiaiai ememem.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Cars drive by. A bus (not mine) stops, picks people up, and leaves. A dog keeps barking. Around 20 people around me engage in different conversations. I can follow each of them, and yet none completely. Birds chirp. I can hear the wind. The sun is shining, it’s only 18 degrees today, yet I am sweating. A guy is listening to music on his iPhone. He is using headphones. Yet: I understand every word of the lyrics of the song he is listening to. A baby is crying somewhere down the road. It’s so LOUD. And it’s smelly. I smell cheese sandwiches in backpacks, a sweaty guy who just left the gym, dog poop a little down the road.

Fellow student: “Bllblblbllblblll  klklklkl aiaiai ememem.”

Me: “I am really sorry, what did you say?”

Fellow student: “Are you taking the bus today?”

Me (Hello, Echolalia my dear friend!): “Are you taking the bus today?”

Fellow student: “No, I meant: Are you taking the bus today?” Is he making fun of me? I am standing at the bus stop. What else would I do here? Maybe I didn’t get the irony? Why did he ask if I am taking the bus? Is that small talk?

I just nod. No clue what I am supposed to say.

Fellow student: “It’s a really nice day!” Uhm. Does he expect an answer to that? It’s not a question. He can’t expect an answer. I look at him. I guess he does expect an answer. Uh. Well, it’s kinda too hot for me. But I guess one might consider this a nice day.

I nod. “Yes.”

The background noise is killing me. I can barely concentrate on the fellow student who apparently is unsatisfied with where the conversation is going. The situation is kinda awkward. My brain is working real hard on thinking of something to say.

Me: “I found the study on legal restrictions regarding intellectual property we talked about in Prof. XY’s class today REALLY interesting.”

He gives me a look. “Oh, hey, I just spotted some friends of mine. I need to say ‘Hi’. I see you around. Bye!”




24yo autistic university student.

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