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Autism is *not* “bad parenting”

Great article from the lovely Laina, please read it (and the rest of her blog of course)!

the silent wave

I’m an autistic adult.  I was also a generally well-behaved child.  My mum had a near-endless supply of patience, and she had a few extra tools up her sleeve, coupled with an understanding–and total acceptance–that I was “different” from other kids, even if we had no clue how or why, back in a time when these concepts and attitudes were unheard of.  My mum was truly ahead of her time, and for that, I’m eternally fortunate and grateful.

Life is not black and white, however.  It’s not all roses, nor is it all raindrops.  It just doesn’t work that way. 🙂

There were times when, despite her soothing voice and gentle distraction strategies, I simply acted up.  She was astute enough to notice that I primarily acted up during Times of Trigger, such as twisted sock seams or an outburst coming from the unseen child in the next grocery store…

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24yo autistic university student.

One thought on “Autism is *not* “bad parenting”

  1. So right. How I hate when people talk about the refrigerated mother theory, something people believed back when no one knew any better, when they didn’t know what autism is. Asperger and other forms of autism are simply genetic and often run in families. It’s not the parents’ fault. I’ve read some forums and blogs written by autism parents, and if anything, they’re mama and papa bears. One thing has nothing to do with another.


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